Contains methods to retrieve and manipulate biometric records in a population.

GET api/population/metadata

Returns metadata about the service end point.

GET api/population/{id}

Attempts to get the details for a single population subject, i.e. an enrolled person, record. The details can only be retrieved IF the requestor is the same account that originally enrolled the subject record in the population.

GET api/population/count

Gets a count of all the Population records that have been enrolled on this account.

GET api/population/getall?offset={offset}&count={count}

Gets a list of all the Popualtion records for this account.

DELETE api/population/{id}

Attempts to delete a Population record. The record can only be deleted if the calling user is the same as the one that created the account being deleted.


Provides core facial recognition functions such as enrol, identify and verify.

GET api/biometricface/metadata

Returns metadata about the service end point.

POST api/biometricface/enrol

This method is used to create (aka enrol) a new user account.

POST api/biometricface/verify

Attempts to verify a photo against the specified user ID.

POST api/biometricface/identify

Attempts either an identification operation using the provided photo.